Technical Data

KirMa™ panels are thin (0.65mm) chemically treated aluminum panels coated with a composition of various layers of polymeric coating.

The uppermost coating protects the metal face with a thin transparent coating layer.

Technical spec.:

(without PE cover, Peel & Stick adhesive & site applied water-based polyurethane top coat)

Thickness:  0.65mm (0.025in).
Weight: ~1.6Kg (1 Sq.M.) / 5.1Oz (1 Sq. ft)
Base Metal: 20-Mil (0.5mm), High-Quality Aluminum 1070 / H19 – Gold or Silver color finish
Coating: Polycarbonate / Vinyl / PVDF
Temperature Resistance:  -40° C to +80° C ( -40°F to +176°F), no variation.
Water resistance: after 100h/23° C (73°F), no variation.
Fire Behavior (DIN 75200):  self-extinguishing.
Fire Rating: ASTM E 84-07 Class “A”.
Seawaterability (DIN 50 021): after 100h/23° C (73°F), no variation.
Resistance to solvents and chemicals At room temperature: resistant to water, cleaning agents, alcohol and aliphatic solvents.

KirMa™ panels coating benefits:
•  Outstanding durability.
•  Environmentally friendly.
•  Highly resistant to chemicals with anti-bacterial properties.
•  Thermal and shock resistance.
•  Excellent resistance to abrasion, impact, and cracking.
•  Ideal for wet /humid areas (e.g. bathroom, spa etc.).
•  Seamless and impermeable.
•  Highly resistant to UV light, weathering, and high temperatures.
•  Tiles are Color stable, can be installed outdoors, ideal for almost any environment.
•  Easy maintenance, Easy to clean, hygienic.