Frequently Asked Questions


Can you help me choose the panels for my space?

Sure! send us a picture of your space with measurments and we will gladly assist you, we offer free design service.

How many panels do I need for my project?

Measure the width and height of the area to cover and see how many panels or sets you require.

If you are having trouble, send us a picture of your space with measurements and we will gladly assist you.

Are KirMa panels heat resistant?

Yes! However, it is recommended to prevent direct exposure to an open flame or direct heat.

Can KirMa panels be exposed to UV rays and outside elements?

Yes! We use special coatings for outdoor applications. Please contact us.

Does the surface of the panels scratch easily?

No! Not easily, but it can be scratched like any coated metal surface.

How to clean and maintain KirMa panels?

Use a non-abrasive sponge and a mild non-abrasive household cleaning product such as dish soap, a cream cleanser or a glass cleaner.

Are KirMa Panels resistant to water and humidity?

Yes! they are resistant to the humidity of bathrooms and water splash. However, we do not recommend to install them in the shower due to sealing issues (between panels)

Are KirMa panels durable?

Very durable! the panels are made of top grade aluminum and highest-quality German-made polymeric coatings, guaranteed to last for many years. 

What are the differences between KirMa panels and ceramic tiles?
  • 0.65mm (~1/32″) thin! 
  • Ultra light-weight
  • The look and feel of the metal (gold/silver finishes).
  • unique & custom graphics.
  • Super-easy installation(recommended DIY).
  • Can be installed on top of existing finishes (does not require removal).
What are KirMa panels?

KirMa Panels are composite sheets made of polymer coated aluminum. the coating has several layers which serve decorative and protective functions.

What is the fire rating of the panels?

The panels are made from aluminum + polymeric coatings.

The aluminum is non-combustible.

The polymeric coating have a Fire Behavior (DIN 75200) self-extinguishing / Fire Rating ASTM E 84-07 Class “A

Do you provide warranty?

Yes. Please see our warranty page for details.

What sizes of panels are available?

For products sold on our website panel sizes are mainly 30*30cm (~12*12in), For custom/ bespoke orders we can manufacture panels raging from 20*20cm (~8*8in.) up to 60*100cm (24*40in.) in square or rectangular form.

What is the meaning of the word KirMa?

The word KirMa is derived from the combination of the Hebrew word Kir (which means wall) and Ma which is the initial for the Hebrew word for metal (ma-te-chet) 


Can panels be installed around a fireplace?

The panels can be installed on a surface whose temperature does not exceed 49 °C (120 °F).  Avoid any direct contact with a heat source or direct exposure to an open flame.

Can panels be installed behind a stove?

Yes, they are resistant to the heat of a stove. Please note, prevent direct exposure to an open flame.  We recommend a minimum 6-inch space between the heat source or burner and the installed panels. For countertop appliances such as toaster ovens, mini ovens and others, keep a space of 6 cm (2 in.) between Smart Tiles and the appliance.

Can panels be installed in the shower?

Yes! as long as the tiles are not continuously submerged in water there is not a problem, please note that sealing while installation must be done with care to prevent water accumulation behind the tiles.

Can panels be installed on existing tiles/ wallpaper?

Yes! you might have to use more silicone adhesive/ caulk to fill gaps in heavily textured surfaces.

Can panels be applied to a working surface or to the floor?

These applications are not recommended, as the rubbing could potentially scratch the surface of the tile.

What are the recommended surfaces for installing the panels?

Smooth or very light textured undamaged surfaces. For example:

  • Unpainted gypsum
  • Painted walls
  • Painted gypsum (after a 21-day curing time for fresh paint)
  • Smooth ceramic tile
  • Wall panel (acrylic)
  • Wall linoleum
  • Mirror
  • Wallpaper
  • Smooth wood
  • Formica
  • ceilings

Simply clean and degrease the surface before installation.

Where is it not recommended to install the panels?

It is not recommended to install on horizontal surfaces (excluding ceilings) such as floors countertops etc. unless under a layer of transparent protective coating e.g. epoxy, polyurethane. 

Also, It is not recommended to install on heavily textured surfaces such as stone, brick, mortar. 

How to install panels around a corner?

If corners are leveled and straight, make tile edges meet in the corner. If corners are not leveled there are a few options such as:

  • cutting the tiles to the exact size required.
  • adding a flat profile to make the corner even.
  • Maintaining a minimum distance from the corner that will allow you to keep the panels leveled
How to install panels around electrical or other outlets?

Measure the outlet and transfer the measurements onto the tile. Cut with a utility knife.

How to align the panels?

Use a level to align the first panel, continue verifying the tiles are leveled while you install.

should I use grout?

No! as the panels are ultra-thin – only 0.65mm (1/32″) so no grout is needed. The panels are installed seamlessly

Should I use silicone caulk for sealing?

We recommend using silicone caulk/adhesive to install the panels.If it is a wet/ humid or kitchen environment we recommend sealing “grout lines” and where the panel is adjacent to other surfaces.

How to prepare the surface before installation?

The surface should be even as possible.

The entire surface must be cleaned with a degreaser (TSP, for example) and be completely dry. 

Follow the instructions of the silicon caulk/ adhesive or double-sided adhesive you use, before installation.

Are panels removable?

Only if you use repositionable adhesive to install the panels.

Shipping & Orders

Are there customs charges or import fees?

Custom and import fees depend on each country regulations and the size of the order. The related costs are the responsibility of the buyer, vary depending on the country and are not included in the selling price or in the cost of transport.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

KirMa™ Panels are custom made per order, please allow for 3-4 weeks from order placement for delivery (Ex-Works).

Estimated Delivery Time for most of the world is 5-14 Working days.

Delivery times may vary according to the destination and type of delivery.
Delivery times are estimated, delay by post, custom or holiday may occur.

Can I return my order?

Yes. You must return your items within 14 days from the day you received your package. Please write your order # on the outside of the package. You will receive your refund in the original form of payment. Unfortunately, we cannot refund duties, taxes or shipping charges. please refer to Shipping & Orders page.

What is the price of the panels?

Please see our Shop or contact us for a quote.

What forms of payment you except?

Our payment gateway is PayPal, you can use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club and EnRoute. For other payment methods please contact us.

Is express delivery available?

Yes. EMS or other couriers available. please contact us.