How many times have you set on your Sofa, staring at your walls and wished for something exciting?

We used to do it a lot. But we couldn’t find the mind-blowing, larger-than-life art we wanted to put on our wall. So we had to come up with our own. It had to be BIG (scalable even better), beautiful and easy to handle.

We experimented with dozens of different materials; we tried hundreds of ways to put it together, move it around and install it (DIY was our first choice). And after thousands of trials, we managed to achieve all that and more.

KirMa large-scale wall art is made of individual 30x30cm (~1 sq.ft.) aluminum panels, covered with unique colorful graphics, and topped with a protective coating, which comes together to assemble the finished art piece. 

The graphics are handled by print & software experts to maintain their quality even in huge sizes.

The aluminum is 0.7mm thick (1/32″) a very high-endurance, light-weight material.

In an innovative process, we apply the graphics on top of the panels along with a protective coating which guarantees the same look & feel of the art for years.

The combination of these materials also allows the panels to be installed in wet rooms, on outdoor walls etc.

The panels are modular and can be set up and customized in different layouts and sizes and graphics (as big as you can imagine or fit..).

Installation is super-easy(DIY), The panels are installed with a simple double-sided adhesive tape or silicone adhesive.

We are the only manufacturer of this kind of product in the world.

Design services for custom works are available, please contact us for more details.

Our panels are recommended for the following uses:
   •  Wall cladding
   •  Large-scale artworks (does not require framing)
   •  Murals in limitless dimensions
   •  Ceiling panels
   •  Creating unique bespoke furniture
   •  Kitchen & bathroom walls
   •  Door cladding
   •  Yachts, ships, planes, elevators interiors
   •  All situations requiring minimum weight tolerance
   •  Signage