KirMa™ is the exclusive manufacturer of innovative, functional and decorative panels, made of a polymer coated aluminum sheet, which combines unique graphics with the beauty and depth of the metal.

The panels are rigid and durable, only 0.65mm (1/32″) thin and ultra-lightweight (1 sq.m. Weighs only 1.5kg /3.3lbs).

The aluminum has 2 finishes – silver or gold, the coating consists of a decorative graphics layer and a protective layer.

creative possibilities are endless.

The panels come in various formats – from decorative borders to tile panels up to huge murals (a large number of panels that are combined to create beautiful large-scale artworks).

We have a vast collection of patterns and murals, we mainly specialize in bespoke works, offering a unique, one of a kind wall covering for public or domestic spaces.

Design services for custom works are available, please contact us for more details.

The panels are extremely easy to install and do not require any professional knowledge or handling.

Our panels are recommended for the following uses:
   •  Wall cladding
   •  Large-scale artworks (does not require framing)
   •  Murals in limitless dimensions
   •  Ceiling panels
   •  Creating unique bespoke furniture
   •  Kitchen & bathroom walls
   •  Door cladding
   •  Yachts, ships, planes, elevators interiors
   •  All situations requiring minimum weight tolerance
   •  Signage

Download our full catalog in PDF Format.

Adi Fainer
Founder & CEO